Are you struggling with how and when to email college volleyball coaches AND what to say?

What players will learn inside this course:

✔✔ What to say in an email to a college volleyball coach (in your own words) to introduce yourself and ask for the next step

✔✔ The do’s and dont’s when emailing college volleyball coaches

✔✔ Intro-email template specific to Freshmen & Sophomores (due to the June 15th rule)

✔✔ Intro-email template specific to Juniors & Seniors

✔✔ Check-in email template with all of the reasons to send emails to coaches throughout the recruiting process and ask for the next step

✔✔ A total of 5 detailed email templates included, plus 3 more BONUS situational email templates + all new templates added by Dianne!

✔✔ How to highlight player's strengths with subject line examples to use

✔✔ Includes a video session with Dianne teaching you step-by-step how to use the templates to email coaches in the process

✔✔ LIFETIME ACCESS - go back to the course as needed throughout your recruiting process

What's Inside...

From Inbox to Roster: The Ultimate Volleyball Recruitment Email Course

    1. Video - Slide Presentation (45 min)

    1. FULL SLIDE DECK Video Presentation

    2. INTRO EMAIL TEMPLATE for Freshmen & Sophomores

    3. INTRO EMAIL TEMPLATE for Juniors & Seniors

    4. CHECK-IN EMAIL TEMPLATE with all of the reasons to send to college coaches



    7. HOW TO SEND CHECK-IN EMAILS on TOP of other emails as an email string

    1. PLAYER RESPONSE EMAIL *BULLET POINTS* after receiving these different types of responses from college coaches

    2. EMAIL RESPONSE TEMPLATE after a school has told you “NO”

    3. PLAYER DECLINE TEMPLATE when a school/college coach has interest in YOU

    4. THANK YOU EMAIL TEMPLATE after a camp, visit, or phone call

From Inbox to Roster: The Ultimate Volleyball Recruitment Email Course

Go from not knowing where to start to communicating back and forth with college VB coaches!

What volleyball families are saying...

“My daughter was intimidated by the idea of contacting college volleyball coaches and had a hard time getting started. Dianne's course "How to Email College Volleyball Coaches" helped us understand what goes into an effective email that coaches will respond to. My daughter gained confidence, started getting her emails out, and is now in communication with several interested coaches. ”

Charles K. (Volleyball Parent)

“Dianne's course "How to Email College Volleyball Coaches" with the video instruction and additional email templates was extremely helpful to my recruiting process, especially with not knowing much entering. The templates gave a structured format for the responses to help base my emails off of in my own words. She helped make the recruiting process less stressful and confusing! ”

Ashley S. (Volleyball Player)

“When my daughter said she wanted to play volleyball in college we didn't know where or how to get started. We enrolled in Dianne's email course where she outlined the steps needed to get noticed by college coaches, and what specific information to include in those all-important emails. My daughter is now fully engaged with several college coaches from her target schools, and is on her way to making her goal a reality! ”

Matt M. (Volleyball Parent)